Creative Movement is a 30 minute preschool class that enhances a child's rhythm, coordination, and agility in a fun, musical environment.
Ballet and Acro is our class that combines beginning ballet and tumbling. Children will learn basic ballet steps along with forward rolls and cartwheels.
Our Twinkle Toes class is a combination of tap, ballet, and creative movement in a fun, musical environment.
Special Dancers is a class specifically designed for students with special needs. This class helps with fine gross motor skills, coordination, and rhythm while incorporating basic dance steps and movement.
Kinder Combo is our beginning combination class of tap and ballet.
Our studio is a credited "Acrobatic Arts" studio. This certification is a "cirque" style acrobatics.
Ballet classes teach formal ballet training beginning with the study of French vocabulary, barre work, and center floor work.
Tap...Fun energetic classes designed to develop rhythm, coordination and tap skills.
Jazz classes feature stretching and strengthening moves, jazz technique, hip hop moves, and dynamic routines to contemporary music.
Hip Hop boasts vibrant and energetic moves put to the latest music.
Students must be invited into this program. Invitations are given out after the recital season has ended. This program not only offers advancement in classes and curriculum, but gives the dancer the opportunity to perform for the community with the capabilities of competing in the spring.
Musical Theater is for students who desire to learn the art of performing plays and musicals as well as the art of prop making.