Welcome to Cypress Elite Dance Studios.
We pride ourselves in our enthusiasm and professionalism and we are dedicated to our students.

 Thank you for enrolling at Cypress Elite Dance Studio!!!

TUITION FOR 2022-2023

The following pricing is for the 2022-2023 dance season.
We do offer a 10% discount if tuition is paid in full from September-June.

Registration Fee


Family Registration Fee


30 minute class


45 minute class


1 hour per week


1 hour per week Academy Students


1 hour 15 minute class


1 hour 30 minute class



5% discount after 2 classes
10% discount after 3 classes
                            20% discount after 6 classes                                   

30% discount after 9+ classes

Summer Punch Cards for 2022 for 8 Weeks of Classes

1 individual class: $20

8 Class Punch Card $130

16 Class Punch Card $260

CED is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced cards. In the event that a situation occurs a new class card will need to be purchased. All class cards are non-refundable. 


In order to serve you more efficiently, we are providing you with this Policies & Procedures Guide (P&P Guide)
to use as a reference regarding your family’s enrollment here.
Your adherence to our policies and procedures will make our organization run smoothly.
Thank you for enrolling at Cypress Elite Dance Studio!!!


Registration requires that a parent or legal guardian of the child participating fill out an emergency form, payment and payment of registration fee either online or through our front office staff. By signing these forms, you are acknowledging that you understand your monthly tuition charges and procedures for dropping a class. We ask that you keep a credit card on file for automatic monthly tuition withdrawal. However, we do exceptpayment in the form of cash and/orcheck butwe strongly encourage you to use our automatic withdrawal system.

Monthly tuition is due at the 1st of every month with a 10-day grace period. After 10 days your account will be charged a late fee of $15.00. After 30 days an account is considered delinquent and a student will not be allowed to enter class without payment. An insufficient check fee of $25.00 will be placed on accounts for a returned check. Credit cards processed on the first that are insufficient due to expired or declined cards are subject to a late fee if not taken care of by the 10th of the month.

Each student is required to pay an annual registration fee which is nonrefundable and insures you a place in class. This fee assures us that you will be attending the classes you have chosen and covers business clerical costs associated with your enrollment at Cypress Elite Dance Studio. The registration fee covers the months of enrollment from September 1-August 31st each year.

If a student registers mid-month his/her tuition will be prorated for the month of registration and due the same day as the registration fee.

  Withdrawal From Class

There are two ways in which you can terminate classes with Cypress Elite Dance Studio. Our office staff requires that you email a confirmation note of dropping classes or verbally withdraw from class through phone call or in person. Notification will need to be received by the 25th of the month to avoid being billed for the next month. If you are on our automatic withdrawal program you must drop before the 25th of the current month or your credit card will be charged and no refund will be given.  If you withdraw mid-month you are still responsible for that month’s tuition. We ask that if your child has committed to being in our annual recital that you reconsider before withdrawing from the class.

Make Up Classes

Make up classes are not offered unless the class has been cancelled by the teacher. If your child misses a class, they will not be able to make it up; however, you may find a class equivalent to the current class they are enrolled to make up the hour(s) missed. You must get permission from the front office before taking the class. If classes are cancelled due to weather, we may schedule the makeup class at the end of the year.

Student Arrival/Drop Off and Viewing 

It is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to pick up their child from class on time. Arrival and pick up time is immediately following their class unless prior arrangements have been made. Please notify the front office if another person beside their parent or legal guardian will be taking them home. All students are required to wait inside the building. Anyone waiting outside the building cannot hold Cypress Elite Dance, LLC responsible for any accidents that happen on the property. Please keep in mind our office staff cannot watch your children, for their safety we do not allow students to be dropped off an earlier than their scheduled class time.

Our viewing windows are open every day. Please refrain from watching your child every day as their progress will seem slow at the beginning. For older students we ask that you drop off your child to give room to those who have preschool aged children. Please do not knock on the windows as this does distract the class. If your child is hesitant to enter the class, please have the instructor or student teacher help guide them in. We ask for safety reasons that you do not place an upset child in the classroom and hold the door closed, you may escort him/her in to class until he/she feels more comfortable with their surroundings.

Classroom Attire

Our students are required to wear dance apparel in all classes. Please scroll down to see the complete list of what to wear to class. We do not allow mid-riff baring clothes in any classes. All participating students are required to wear a leotard and tights with the exception of hip hop. Those students may wear a loose fitting tank top. We recommend Fancy Dancer for all your attire needs.

Studio Christmas Party

Our Christmas party will be held in December for our students and parents. Each class will perform a one 2-minute routine to showcase what they have learned in the first semester of classes. Participation is not required for the studio Christmas party. If your child will not be attending, please advise the Office staff or your child’s teacher. The party will be held at the studio and does not require the purchase of a costume. All students will arrive dressed in their dance attire and they may add any holiday accessory to their outfit.


Cypress Elite Dance Studio will hold a professional recital every year in June in a professional theater. We will start preparing for recital season in January. Each class will perform a routine and is required to purchase a prefabricated costume. We encourage everyone to participate in the recital. It gives the child a chance to showcase what they have been learning all year. We value the experience each child will receive by performing on a stage by going the extra mile to insure every child will have an experience of a lifetime. Each recital will have a unique theme and it will be carried out throughout the show by using backdrops, props and appropriate music. Our costuming and music is appropriate for all age groups and we do not allow mid-riff baring costumes with the exception of competitive soloists.

Recital Costume Fees

Costume order forms and costume payment are due in the month of November. Costume order forms will be distributed to your child during class times. Costume prices will vary by class type and the size of the costume. Our office staff will be available for assistance during the ordering process. All order forms will need to be returned by the deadline indicated on the order form to ensure your child’s costume will arrive on time for spring recital pictures. Please be advised that once a costume order is placed it is nonrefundable even if your child withdraws from class. Your studio account must be current to receive your costume once it arrives to our studio. If you have selected to enter into a payment plan, all payments must be current before costume will be released

Recital Fees

A recital fee will be due at the end of January and is nonrefundable. Your recital fee covers the facility rental, insurance, backdrops and 2 free tickets to the show.

Class Etiquette

    • Please be prepared to dance when your class is scheduled. It is very important that a dancer participate in barre exercises or

    • Disruptive behavior in class is not acceptable and may result in the student being asked to leave.

    • Hair should be fastened neatly and securely out of the face. Elementary Ballet and above should have hair worn in a bun.

    • No street shoes are permitted on the dance floor.

    • Students that have a cell phone must turn them off during class.

    • Please do not leave your child or children unattended in the lobby.


Facility Rules

    • No gum, eating or smoking is allowed during the class or in the studios. Water is available for students in the dressing room.
      We recommended that students bring their own water bottles for class.

    • Children should never be left unattended in the lobby. 

    • No running or horseplay is permitted in the lobby or studios. Loud noise is disruptive to students taking class. 

    • Parents and guests are invited to observe classes through the viewing windows

Dance Attire

Students not properly dressed will not be allowed to participate in their class on that day!!

Creative Movement• Any color leotard
• Pink Tights
• Full Sole Ballet Shoes
• Hair pulled away from face
Leveled Ballet Classes• Level 1-Pink
• Level 2-Purple
• Level 3-Burgandy
• Level 4-Royal Blue
• Level 5-Red
• Level 6-Black
• Pink Tights
• Canvas Split sole ballet shoe
• Hair in bun
Twinkle Toes and Kinder Combo• Black leotard (No Skirts)
• Pink Tights
• Full Sole Ballet Shoes (Pink)
• Jr Tyette Style Tap Shoe (Black)
• Hair pulled away from face
Tap Classes• Black Leotard
• Tights
• Black jazz tap shoe (Preferred: Bloch brand lace up)
• Jazz pants, booty shorts, leggings
• Hair pulled away from face
Elementary Ballet/Jazz• Black leotard (No Skirts)
• Pink Tights
• Full Sole Ballet Shoes (Pink)
• Jazz Shoes (Tan)
• Hair in a bun
Hip Hop Classes• Black Leotard or fitted tank
• Jazz pants, booty shorts, leggings
• Converse Style tennis shoe
• Hair pulled away from face
Acro/Tumble• Booty Shorts, Yoga Pants, leggings or nike style short
• T-shirt, tank or leo
• Hair pulled away from face
• No shoes
Jazz Classes• Black Leotard
• Tights
• Tan Jazz Shoes
• Jazz pants, booty shorts, leggings
• Hair pulled away from face
Boys Attire:

Combo Classes

Hip Hop

• White t-shirt, black shorts and black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes
• Tshirt, shorts, tennis shoes
Drill Prep/Leaps and Turns/Modern• Black Leotard
• Tights
• Tan Jazz Shoes or pirouettes
• Jazz pants, booty shorts, leggings
• Hair pulled away from face



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