Our mission for Acro-Tumbling is to provide the best quality of instruction while also giving each student individualized direction. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and energetic atmosphere, while also encouraging confidence and motivation to learn the fusion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics.

Mini Acro Tumbling

Ages: 3-5 year olds- no previous experience necessary. In this class our students are learning to follow instructions, remember terminology, and work on strength. Skills they are working towards are forward roll, backward roll, beginning cartwheels, and L handstands alone, and baby bridges.

Beginning Acro Tumbling

Ages 5 and up. No previous experience necessary. This class is similar to mini Acro tumbling but in this class we clean form and teach correct entrances and exits into the skills and keep working on strength for skills such as tripods and handstands. The skills they focus on in this class are not limited to but are bridge prances, handstand holds in pike, forward roll correct entrance and exit, cartwheel correct entrance and exit and so much more.

Intermediate Acro Tumbling

Ages 5 and up. Prerequisites are bridges with 1 leg up, cartwheel with straight legs, able to hold a handstand, inchworm drill, backbend, elbow bridge. In this class we focus on building foundation skills as well as begin to learn more Acro skills such as chest stands, forearm stands, scorpions, and etc – very important that students are in class weekly and work on their skills for flexibility at home to keep gaining strength and flexibility.

Advanced Acro Tumbling

Ages 7 and up. Pre- requisites for this class are 1 arm cartwheel, backbend kicker/back walkover, front limber/front walkover, chest stand for min 5 count, forearm stand, headstand hold with 1 leg variation. This class will be working on side aerials, donut rolls, shoulder stands, chest stands variations, scorpion to needle, back handspring step out, and much more.

Elite Acro Tumbling

This class is by evaluation only. In this class we focus on building the foundation of skills learned and progress to the next steps. Learned skills in this class are spiders, front aerials, back aerials, illusion skills and so much more. Please email for an evaluation time.

Aerial 1 &2

This class goal is to accomplish side aerials, standing aerials, front aerials, and back aerials. Level 1 is for those who are working to do aerials alone but still need a little help. Level 2 is for those who can do side aerials alone and understand the concept of front aerial. Prerequisite for Aerial level 2 is a standing back handspring and a side aerial alone a dive front walk-over.


This class is by approval only. Must have completed intermediate Acro- Tumbling to be evaluated for acro-dance. The purpose of this class is to combine dance skills with their Acro-tumbling skills. Such as doing a triple turn into an aerial. Class is set to open Summer of 2020. Please email to be evaluated and placed on a wait-list to reserve your spot.

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Mini Acro TumblingTuesday5:00-6:00
Mini Acro TumblingWednesday5:30-6:30
Beg Acro TumblingMonday6:30-7:30
Beg Acro TumblingTuesday6:00-7:00
Beg Acro TumblingWednesday4:00-5:00
Beg Acro TumblingThursday4:30-5:30
Int Acro TumblingMonday4:30-5:30
Int Acro TumblingWednesday4:30-5:30
Int Acro TumblingThursday5:00-6:00
Aerial 2Thursday6:00-7:00
Intro to AcroMonday7:30-8:30
Intro to AcroWednesday7:30-8:30


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