Emerson Elementary Class

Kinder Combo

Ages 5-6. No previous experience needed. In this class our students will continue developing their ballet and tap skills and terminology in a more formal setting. Students in this class will continue learning how to work together as a class, demonstrate self control and overall classroom etiquette, while being encouraged to begin showing leadership abilities. Students will participate in approximately 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.

Ballet/ Jazz Combo Classes

No previous experience needed. This combo class is split into an elementary class (ages 7-9) and an older level class (9-11). In this class students will begin learning more intermediate ballet and jazz technique. Students will continue to develop leadership skills and confidence, along with expanding their knowledge for dance. Students will participate in approximately 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of jazz.

Beginning Acro Tumbling

Ages 5 and up. No previous experience necessary. This class is similar to mini Acro tumbling but in this class we clean form and teach correct entrances and exits into the skills and keep working on strength for skills such as tripods and handstands. The skills they focus on in this class are not limited to but are bridge prances, handstand holds in pike, forward roll correct entrance and exit, cartwheel correct entrance and exit and so much more.

Intermediate Acro Tumbling

Ages 5 and up. Prerequisites are bridges with 1 leg up, cartwheel with straight legs, able to hold a handstand, inchworm drill, backbend, elbow bridge. In this class we focus on building foundation skills as well as begin to learn more Acro skills such as chest stands, forearm stands, scorpions, and etc – very important that students are in class weekly and work on their skills for flexibility at home to keep gaining strength and flexibility.

AGES 5-6

ClassAge GroupDayTime
Kinder Combo (B/T/J)5-6 yrsMonday4:30-5:30
Kinder Combo (B/T/J)5-6 yrsMonday6:00-7:00
Kinder Combo (B/T/J)5-6 yrsTuesday5:00-6:00
Kinder Combo (B/T/J)5-6 yrsWednesday6:30-7:30
Kinder Combo (B/T/J) Academy5-6 yrsThursday5:00-6:15
Kinder Combo (B/T/J)5-6 yrsThursday6:00-7:00

AGES 6-9

ClassAge GroupDayTime

Hip Hop 1

7-9 yrsTuesday5:45-6:30

Tap I

7 & UpMonday


Tap I

7 & UpWednesday


Tap II

7 & upWednesday


Elementary Ballet/Jazz

7-10 yrsMonday5:30-6:30
Elementary Ballet/Jazz7-10 yrsTuesday


Elementary Ballet/Jazz7-10yrsThursday7:00-8:00

Elementary Ballet/Jazz Academy



Jazz I6 & UpTuesday7:30-8:30
Leaps and Turns I6 & upWednesday



5 & up




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