Academy Director: Lexie Sattizahn

 2022-2023 Academy Calendar of Performances


 October 10th


 Burrough’s Park

 November 21st


 Home for the Holidays Old Town Spring

 December 3rd


Studio Christmas Performance

 February 13th 


 403 Eats

 March 13th

April 10th

June 5th  


The Market At Springwoods Village

The Boardwalk at Towne Lake

Recital at Klein Collins

What is the Academy?

These dancers are non-competitive students who will dance in and around the community one time a month through October-May

Who can be a part of the Academy?

Anyone and everyone who signs ups for academy specified classes. Please look for the (A) next to the class schedule. If you have questions about what our Academy program entails, please email 

What is the cost associated?

Very minimal! Your tuition monthly will be $5 more than the average one hour class. This additional $5 will cover traveling and clerical expenses. This fee will not include additional performance wear.

How many performances are expected?

Expect 1 performance per month in the fall and the spring. We will give out specified dates in August so you can plan accordingly. If your child has committed to the Academy and will have to miss 1 or more performance, we will ask for you to switch them out the class. We will hand out a list of dates as soon as possible. 

Where will they be performing?

We have secured numerous places to perform throughout the year. Please look at above calendar

What is the future of Academy students?

Our hopes that in the near future as our Academy grows this will be the stomping ground for doing larger performances such as the nutcracker or dance concerts.

Can competitive students join the academy?

No. We want to keep the Academy just for recreational students who enjoy just performing for the community with no large commitment to rehearsals and time. We also feel that some of the dates for performances may conflict with competitions.

How to register for Academy specified classes:

Please look for Fall classes with “A” behind them to register for Academy specified classes. For any further questions you can email


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